Ron J. Lint is uniquely qualified to perform the extensive duties of a Trustee to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”).  Ron has been deeply involved in over 200 ESOP transactions over the last 25 yrs., to include:

  • Advising companies that are contemplating an ESOP
  • Performing Feasibility Studies
  • Performing Repurchase Liability Studies
  • Designing Plans in accordance with the requirements of ERISA and the Sponsoring Company
  • Advising Legal Counsel
  • Performing technical valuations of the stock held by ESOPs
  • Extensive C-Corp and S-Corp experience to include the conversion of C to S for ESOP purposes
  • Making presentations to employees
  • Advising and making presentations to banks, bonding companies, and CPA firms
  • Negotiating with banks for ESOP loans and terms
  • Designing IRC Sec. 1042 transactions
  • Offering CPE and CLE regarding ESOP issues
  • Responding to IRS and DOL inquiries
  • Designing Repurchase Liability programs
  • Served as Trustee for a large mid-west distributor with c. 1,000 employees
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The Duties of a Trustee 
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THE DUTIES OF A TRUSTEE - ATI Colorado - Ron J. Lint