Corporate Financial Consulting

Litigation support services, for business valuations, and family limited partnerships.

Sell-Side Advisory

ATI works with company owners who wish to increase their liquidity and diversify their investment risk by divesting all or a portion of their company holdings to financial or strategic buyers. Transactions are structured to maximize value through:

Thorough analysis of the company and the industry;
In-depth market research to identify prospective buyers;
An effective marketing program designed to attract multiple buyers while maintaining confidentiality; and
Expertise in negotiations and structuring transactions.

Merger and Acquisition Advisory

We work with companies and individuals to acquire companies that meet their financial and strategic objectives. Target companies are identified and acquired through:

An extensive search utilizing in-house databases and professional contacts;
Initializing contact and interest verification;
Due diligence including operating, financial and valuation analysis of the target company; and
Assistance in negotiations and preparing the letter-of-intent.

Private Placements

ATI professionals have many years of corporate finance experience. Our financing contacts and market knowledge allow us to access a variety of sources that provide cost-effective financing alternatives for our clients including private placements of equity and subordinated debt.

Exit Strategy Analysis

We work with company owners, analyzing their goals and objectives, in order to compare values, timing, risks, costs and tax consequences of:

The sale of the company;
An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP); or
An initial public offering.

Value Added Benefits

Value Maximization – Our proven system develops multiple prospects to start a bidding process, and having multiple interested parties creates leverage to maximize value.
Confidentiality – By having a “middle-man,” confidentiality is protected until the proper time to reveal the company’s identity, and owners always control information flow and timing.
Negotiations – ATI can posture owners as serious sellers or buyers and keep the process moving.
Minimizing owner’s time commitment – ATI handles all the steps of the process allowing owners and employees to concentrate on running their company.
Knowledge – ATI is a professional firm with extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and other corporate finance activities.
Resources – At your service are professional personnel including MBAs and former CFOs, internal databases, industry and economic data, computer programs, and financial models.