ATI Capital Group of Colorado, LLC is a leading business valuation firm specializing in technical appraisals for estate and gift tax purposes, family limited partnerships, divorce proceedings, corporate mergers and acquisitions, transactions with qualified plans, buy/sell transactions, and intellectual property (including patents, options, goodwill and other forms of intangible assets).

Business Valuation Chart

ATICG’s work in the area of corporate valuations is highly respected, having represented both the Internal Revenue Service and the taxpayer in Tax Court, demonstrating our professional stature and independence.

ATICG fully subscribes to technically rigorous report standards and guidelines which include: the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, as promulgated by the Appraisal Standards Board of The Appraisal Foundation; the American Society of Appraisers – Business Valuation Section (ASA); The Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA); and Revenue Ruling 59-60 and subsequent IRS rulings. Our reports are thorough, defensible, professional, and technically in line with current case law.

ATICG strictly adheres to the ethical standards of the American Society of Appraisers and, as such, we are prohibited from serving as advocates on valuation projects, thus ensuring objectivity and independence when rendering valuations or giving expert witness testimony in court.

Our staff is deeply rooted in the business community and is committed to professional excellence and client service. With credentials including ASAs (Accredited Senior Appraiser), CPAs, advanced training and experience in Corporate Finance, and former chief financial officers in industry, ATICG’s professional staff is highly qualified in the fields of corporate finance and the valuation of business interests.