Professional Services



Although ATICG specializes in employee stock ownership plans, we also provide consultation for various other financial matters. The breadth of knowledge from our staff members and professionals enables us to offer you expert advise on business valuations, ESOP implementation, litigation support services, and more. We offer the following list of services to clients.

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Professional ESOP Trustee Services Available for Qualified Companies.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
From ESOP valuations to full service ESOP engagements, obtain a full understanding of the power of ESOPs and the unmatched tax benefits available to ESOP companies.  We provide the ENTIRE PROCESS, from start to finish, including design, implementation, all required legal documents for the ESOP as well as the company, qualified trustees, expert valuation services, repurchase liability consulting, TPA services, lending negotiations, presentations to the employees, and much more.

Business Valuations
Accredited ASA business valuations from our expert witness professionals. Objective and professional, our findings are thorough and defensible.

Litigation Support Services
Whether you need litigation support for business valuations, family limited partnerships, or simple martial dissolution, our services will only benefit your case. 

Estate Planning for Conservation of Wealth
Offering two types of pension plans designed to you and your family. 

Corporate Financial Consulting
No matter what state your corporation is in, ATICG can assist you in maximizing the potential benefits of your assets.

Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs)
Protect and increment your family estates and assets with FLPs. 

Executive Compensation Planning
We can assist you in all the stages of compensation planning and various stock options.

Repurchase Liability Studies
A possible scenario after ESOP distribution, when information is needed to satisfy your repurchase obligation, we’re here to help. 

Fairness Opinions/Solvency Reviews
Where independent opinions and reviews are important, look to us to provide objective business valuations.