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Our experienced ATICG staff members and professionals may specialize in various different fields, but we all adhere to the same philosophy of practice to show our dedication and appreciation for our clients. Whether we are handling ESOP valuations or giving testimony as a business valuation expert witness, you have a right to expect the best service from us.

Accredited Appraisers

Our Chief Executive Officer Ron J. Lint has been active in the field of business valuations and corporate financial consulting since 1980. As a Accredited Senior Appraiser, he is knowledgeable in the newest methods and procedured that will produce success for you and your company.

While other firms may emphasize their glitz and glamor, ATICG’s accumulated experience and expertise speak for themselves. And since business valuations, corporate finance, and full ESOP engagements are extremely complicated engagements, you will want to know that you have the most experienced consultant at your side providing you with expert service.

Ron Lint Curriculum Vitae

Trusted Partners

How do you know you can trust us to handle your ESOP implementation and ESOP distribution? Want to be assured that any one of our ASA business valuators can be an objective business valutation expert witness?

Upon request, we will provide a list of references to relieve you of any questions regarding our reputation or our experience. We have worked with Attorneys, CPA’s and business owners locally, state, and nationwide who will confirm that we take our jobs seriously and treat our clients with respect and confidentiality.

Recognized Experts

Ron J. Lint has been recognized in Colorado as an expert in his field of business valuations and ESOPS. He has been featured in both the Denver Business Journal and the Colorado Springs Business Journal.

Our Client Bill of Rights

  • Our Clients are the reason we have jobs. No clients, no jobs. Therefore, our clients have the right to be treated with respect and appreciation. We’re here because of you, not the other way around.
  • Our Clients have the right to have their calls returned within 24 hours. Whether they need to speak to ESOP attorneys or ESOP trustees or ASA business valuators, all ATICG staff members will adhere to this policy.
  • Our Clients have the right to speak to a “real” person when they call. Voice mail is offered only if the party being called is not in the office, or if the office is closed. As our client we are here to service you.
  • Our Clients have the right to expect and receive a state-of-the-art, high quality work product. We deliver our promises, from ESOP implementation to business appraisals, you can count on us!
  • Our Clients have the right to know exactly what they are engaging us to do and what the project will cost. Of course, on hourly-based litigation support services and projects (and other hourly projects), we cannot control the total expenditure of time or guarantee the final cost. But our clients have the right to expect fairness and integrity in our billing procedure.
  • Our Clients, If the need arises, have the right to contact any member of our professional staff, including ATICG’s CEO, at home during non-business hours. Our staff see to your requests and provide the phone numbers upon request.
  • Our Clients have the right to expect on time and on-budget work products. We understand that time and money are essential to business appraisals and litigation where valuation expert witness professionals can make or break the case.
  • Our Clients have the right to enjoy their professional association with ATICG staff.
  • Our Clients have the right to expect a non-biased, non-advocacy approach to their valuations, either it’s ESOP valuations or business valuations projects. Our valuation expert witness professionals can be trusted with their objectivity and independence.
  • Our Clients have the right to absolute confidentiality. Our clients have the right to review their confidential files at any time. No other party will be given access to this information.