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ATI Capital of Colorado, LLC

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Specializing in Business Valuations and Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Welcome to ATI Capital Group of Colorado, LLC

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For over 30 years, clients have trusted ATICG to
handle the following professional financial services:

Business Valuations

ATICG specializes in corporate business valuations for gift & estate purposes, mergers & acquisitions, litigation support, divorce settlements, private business transitons, and corporate financial consulting. All valuations are fully accredited by the Amerian Society of Appraisers and performed by an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA). Objective and professional, our valuations are fully defensible in courts of law. Ron J. Lint (ASA, CEO) is a designated expert witness in the U.S. Tax Court for business valuation issues. He has successfully represented both the IRS and the Tax Payer in various Tax Court cases, demonstrating ATICG’s professional stature and independence.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) are the ultimate exit strategy and financial planning tool for successful private corporations. ATICG is a leader in the design and implementation of ESOPs. Our emphasis is placed on creativity in the planning and structuring phase to produce maximum benefits for the company and the selling shareholder. From ESOP attorneys to ESOP trustees, to specialized business valuators, we have all the necessary manpower to successfully design and implement your plan every step of the way. ESOPs Explained

ESOP Trustee Services

Ron J. Lint is uniquely qualified to perform the extensive duties of a Trustee to an Employer Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”). Ron has been deeply involved in over 200 ESOP transactions over the last 30 years to include:

  • Advising companies that are contemplating an ESOP
  • Performing Feasibility Studies
  • Performing Repurchase Liability Studies
  • Designing plans in accordance with requirements of ERISA and the sponsoring company
  • Advising Legal Counsel
  • Performing technical valuations of stock held by ESOPs
  • Extensive C-Corp and S-Corp experience to include conversion of C to S for SEOP purposes
  • Making presentations to employees
  • Advising and making presentations to banks, bonding companies, and CPA firms
  • Negotiating with banks for ESOP loans and terms​​

Duties of a Trustee

Family Limited Partnerships

A Family Limited Partnership (FLP) is formed to facilitate the preservation, management, distribution, and maximization of the family’s assets. ATICG has successfully valued and has helped structure over 900 FLPs for gift & estate purposes. FLPs help ensure the viability of the partnership for succeeding generations and provide solutions​ to many of the challenges families face such as:

  • Management and control of family assets during the lifetime of senior family members
  • Reduction of current income taxes
  • Reduction of taxable value of the family estate
  • Facilitation of gifting
  • Maximizing value of assets that are passed on to heirs
  • Protection of family assets from unreasonable creditor claims

Business Transitions

ATICG can fill a vital role in the area of mergers & acquisitions. Drawing on decades of experience, we will provide defensible valuations as required, computations necessary to effectuate a Stock-Swap, design and organizational consulting, and other accounting and financial consulting services as required.​

Litigation Support

ATICG’s reputation is unsurpassed in assisting the legal community in resolving disputed value and financial-based matters. Our knowledge and experience allows attorneys to understand and focus on the key finanical issues that influence the development of the case strategy. Becoming an essential component of your team from the onset, we assist from the initial investigation and risk assessment through pleadings, discovery, interrogatories, depostitions, and testimony preparation and presentation. Our CEO Ron J. Lint, ASA, has extensive court room experience as an expert witness.

Executive Compensation Plans

Executive compensation should be determined in accordance with the requirements of IRC Sec. 162 and related sections. Compensation works best when tied to performance and approved by the Board of Directors of the company. ATICG can assist the client and his advisors in developing a comprehensive Executive Compensation Plan that includes incentives, desired results, and makes use of Qualified and Non-Qualified Plans.

Estate Planning

Our estate planning services always include working with a competent attorney who will prepare all legal documents. ATICG will offer suggestions as to the reduction of one’s estate for gift & estate tax purposes. Trusts, FLPs, ESOPs, Qualified Plans and other planning tools will be utilized in the design of a structure that fits the client’s needs and financial condition.

Continuing Education for Professionals

Let ATICG help with ongoing required professional education. Our CEO, Ron J. Lint, ASA has earned recognition as a provider and sponsor of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) by the Colorado Supreme Court of Continuing Legal and Judicial Education, and is a recognized provider and sponsor of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) with the American Institute of CPAs. In addition to presenting CLE and CPE courses, he has been a requested speaker at numerous corporate and professional association conventions and is licensed to teach Continuing Education (CE) for insurance professionals. Ron has also had the distinct privilege of presenting advanced ESOP concepts as a visiting instructor at the University of Denver Graduate School of Taxation.
Sample Courses:

  • FLPs & ESOPs: How to Land the Corporate Jet and Disinherit Uncle Sam
  • The Powerful Advantages of S-Corp ESOPs
  • The Practical Uses of ESOPs Under ERISA
  • The Design & Valuation of Family Limited Partnerships
  • Wealth Preservation and Tax Reduction Strategies

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The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.
Thomas Edison

Ron J. Lint
CEO, Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA)

A Reputation for Excellence

Ron J. Lint is CEO of ATI Capital Group of Colorado, LLC, a business appraisal and financial consulting firm headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ron has earned the highest designation obtainable in his profession, Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA).

Prior to starting his own firm, Ron was a Chief Financial Officer in Industry, after which he headed the Private Business Consulting Group of a major regional CPA firm, where he manged transactions involving business valuations, mergers and acquistions, corporate financial consulting, and ESOP engagements.

Mr. Lint has extensive courtroom experience having represented both the IRS and the taxpayer successfully in the U.S. Tax Court – involving valuation matters, including testifying as an expert witness in the landmark cases of Estate of Albert Strangi and Estate of Webster E. Kelly, both in the 5th Circuit Court.

He is also a recognized expert in the design, implementation and consultation services of Employee Stock Ownership Plans for private corporations. Ron is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and has taught as a visiting instructor at the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program.

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