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Ron J. Lint is uniquely qualified to perform the extensive duties of a Trustee to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”).  Ron has been deeply involved in over 200 ESOP transactions over the last 25 yrs., to include:

  • Advising companies that are contemplating an ESOP
  • Performing Feasibility Studies
  • Performing Repurchase Liability Studies
  • Designing Plans in accordance with the requirements of ERISA and the Sponsoring Company
  • Advising Legal Counsel
  • Performing technical valuations of the stock held by ESOPs
  • Extensive C-Corp and S-Corp experience to include the conversion of C to S for ESOP purposes
  • Making presentations to employees
  • Advising and making presentations to banks, bonding companies, and CPA firms
  • Negotiating with banks for ESOP loans and terms
  • Designing IRC Sec. 1042 transactions
  • Offering CPE and CLE regarding ESOP issues
  • Responding to IRS and DOL inquiries
  • Designing Repurchase Liability programs
  • Serving as Trustee for a large mid-west distributor with c. 1,000 employees
The Duties of a Trustee
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THE DUTIES OF A TRUSTEE - ATI Colorado - Ron J. Lint  THE DUTIES OF A TRUSTEE - ATI Colorado - Ron J. Lint  THE DUTIES OF A TRUSTEE - ATI Colorado - Ron J. Lint 

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The Duties of a Trustee

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Ron Lint, ATI CEO
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Our Chief Executive Officer has over thirty years of experience in the industry, and is knowledgeable in the newest methods and procedures that will produce success for you and your company.

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